Thursday, 17 August 2017

Another escape room trip to Melbourne

Hi all

Some of you might know that my team and I went down to Melbourne about 2 years ago to do a long weekend of escape rooms.  We managed to get through 10 rooms in 2.5 days, which was both tiring and awesome.  I set up a separate blog for the Melbourne rooms here.

We're heading back down to Melbourne in January - I've booked the flights and now I have to sort out which escape rooms we are going to do.  This time we will have 4 days worth of escape rooms to do ;-)

I'd be grateful for any room recommendations from any of you who have checked out the rooms on offer in Melbourne.  I've already tried all of the ERM rooms, all of the Rush Escape Rooms and the first 2 EscapeXperience rooms.  

My team is obviously pretty experienced, so I'm not looking for beginner level rooms.  I'm after clever or creative rooms - that are a bit different to the norm, rooms that are really challenging but utterly immersive, or rooms that have a great back story and were truly fun and enjoyable. 

If you can recommend any rooms that fit that bill, I'd be very grateful.  

I haven't posted a room review for a while because we have pretty much tried all of the rooms on offer in Sydney.  We're hoping to get down to Canberra and up to Newcastle to try a few more rooms soon.  That being said, one of my team members spent over a year designing a special one time only escape room that the rest of our team tried a few weeks back.  I'm working on a review and summary of that too, which I'll post here shortly.  

Thanks all

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